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About Organics

Organics Out West Store and Online Shop is proud to be part of the tradition of selling wholesome organic products.

What is Organics?

  • Organic products are produced without using sprays, chemicals or residuals

  • It is a holistic approach where the health of the soil, environment and planet is a priority

  • Long-term sustainability is placed ahead of short-term profits

  • Innovative and modern techniques are used to control pests and diseases, which don’t harm the health of the consumer or the health of the planet

What is the difference between organic certification and organic practices?

  • Products with Organic Certification have been checked, audited and certified by a trusted certification agency

  • Organic practices means the producer follows all the principles of organic certification but has not been certified. This is usually because the cost of certification can be prohibitive for small growers

  • At Organics Out West we stock products that have certification and/or follow organic practices. We clearly mark products so out consumers know what they are buying and we track all our products so we know exactly how and where they were grown and produced

Why should I buy organics?

  • Organically grown fruit and vegetables taste better because they are grown in fertile soils in accordance with nature’s cycles

  • Organic products are chemical free and have not been tampered with, which has documented health benefits

  • You are helping the environment

  • You are often supporting local growers and businesses