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Clinicians Multiflora Digest (30 Vege Capsules)

Clinicians Multiflora 30s


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Clinicians Multiflora Digest (30 Vege Capsules)

  • Support for normal stomach acid balance after eating
  • Beneficial bacteria for the digestive system
  • Supports digestion to help those with gas, bloating and slow bowel function
  • Immune system support and respiratory health
  • Take alongside or after antibiotics for gut flora balance

Contains 2 of the most researched strains of probiotics which are microencapsulated to bypass the stomach for release in the small intestines. The capsules are in special Alu-Alu blister packed for guaranteed shelf life and do not need refrigeration.

MultiFlora Digest contains shelf-stable, well researched strains of probiotics that help populate the intestines. Having a good level of beneficial bacteria helps maintain immune balance and good digestion. They can also help protect against harmful yeast and bacterial over growth by replenishing good bacteria that may be lost when using antibiotics. Suitable for use from babies onwards.


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