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Enhance Just Kidz Detangler, Head Lice Treatment, Kids Conditioner 250ml Spray

ESS Enhance Just Kidz


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Enhance Just Kidz Detangler, Head Lice Treatment, Kids Conditioner 250ml Spray

Looking for a head lice treatment for kids which also doubles as a fantastic leave in conditioner, is made of all natural ingredients and contains no nasty chemicals?

You’ve found it! Head lice and nits don’t like essential oils, the oils are naturally complex and head lice can’t build a resistance as they do with commercial products. Not only do you get peace of mind with no more head lice, your children’s hair will be naturally conditioned, easy to look after and protected.

Enhance Just Kidz is easy to use and was designed with your children in mind, just finger into dry or towel-dry hair/scalp and leave in, the oils have a natural attraction for the hair/scalp and the water dries off. The result is a natural soft non-oily condition with the oils absorbing completely into the hair and scalp, this natural conditioning makes hair easy to brush, no more tangles, no more tears!

This natural head lice treatment also treats dry hair, damaged hair, dandruff, de-tangles, deters nits, conditions and protects all in one. Replace nasty chemical based conditioners and treatments, try powerfully natural “Just Kidz” today, guaranteed immediate results! You don’t just have to use it as a treatment for head lice, can be used on an ongoing basis for naturally great hair.


Certified Pure Essential Oils of Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Atlas Cedarwood, and Rosemary in distilled water. No chemicals or dispersants. 250ml Spray.


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