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Go Bamboo Veggie Brush

Go Bamboo Veggie Brush


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Go Bamboo Veggie Brush

The Go Bamboo Veggie Brush is made from a bamboo handle with bass fibre bristles, packaged with a recycled cardboard swing tag attached with a jute string.

Why use bamboo

  • Can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere between 7-30% more effectively than an equivalent area of forest.
  • Emits up to 30% more oxygen than equivalent areas of trees.
  • Has the tensile strength of steel.
  • Needs no pesticides, fertiliser and isn’t routinely irrigated.
  • Is strong, biodegradable and beautiful.
  • Is fast-growing with some varieties growing up to a meter a day.
  • Has a yield six times greater than regular trees.
  • Needs half as much water as regular trees.
  • Doesn’t need fertilisers or pesticides.
  • Has no genetically modified variants.


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