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Handmade Stone Pot Small

Handmade Stone Pot Small


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Handmade Stone Pot Small

Each hand turned pot is unique, made using traditional methods which span back to ancient Persian times. Stonemasons use hand tools to carve a stone called serpentine, sourced and made in a small village near Mashhad in North East Iran. These pots have been made in this region since 1OOO BC and in recent years there has been resurgence in their popularity as people are becoming increasingly aware of choosing health conscious options.

Unlike modern aluminium or Teflon pots, stone pots do no leach chemicals or artificial materials into food. In their uncured form they are a dusky grey, but once cured with oil and regular use the pots change to an elegant dark grey or black.

Utilizing low heat on a gas or electric hob or a low settling in an oven, the pots heat up to slowly and evenly cook your food, retaining nutrients and distilling flavour. These pots are also eco-friendly, as less energy is used to cook your food and keep it warm for a longer period of time

Caring for your stone pot

Your pot can be used on gas or electric cook-tops and it is oven safe. Your pot is ideal for any stewed recipe. Do not use your stone pot on a high heat (oven, gas flame or electric hob).

Do not wash your pot in cold water while it is still hot.

Do not use your pot to deep fry.

Initial Use

To make your pot ready for use: first wash with water and dry. Fill the pot half way with milk and bring to boil with medium heat. Wait for the milk to cool down, then discard milk and wash and dry your pot. Generously rub the inside and outside of your pot with vegetable oil (e.g. Olive Oil). Leave the pot for 2 hours. It will change colour, becoming black. Your pot is now ready to use. Enjoy!


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