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In The Zone Healing – Feng Shui Cleanser (50ml)

ITZ Feng Shui Cleanser


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In The Zone Healing – Feng Shui Cleanser (50ml)

The Feng Shui Cleanser aromatherapy spray blend balances and energetically cleanses rooms in the home or office.

It processes and transmutes negative energy shed by people from indoor spaces, including energies from the past that are embedded in the structure of the building, and underground water or other environmental toxicity. It also enhances all aspects of the energy, or chi, of the space, bringing in an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

The Feng Shui Cleanser spray blend contains essential oils of Cedarwood, Geranium, Lavender and Pine, plus a blend of New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and vodka.


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