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Mountain Valley Honey – Rātā – 400g

Mv Honey Rata 400g


Sold out!

Mountain Valley Honey – Rātā – 400g

Rātā Honey is sweet, smooth honey with a light, buttery taste.

This mellow honey is a hidden treasure, just like the brilliant red blossoms of the Rātā tree. A reminder of summer all year round. You might want to hide this one for yourself — it is stunning on toast, with or without lashings of butter.

This luscious honey has a pale, flaxen colour, matched by a smooth texture. Rātā honey will crystalise over time as it is raw, unpasteurised and unwhipped, just like nature intended. It is a beautifully scented honey, with light floral notes.


Our Rātā honey is sourced from coastal locations on the rugged west coast of the South Island.



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