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Origin Health Himalayan Crystal Salt – Coarse (750g)

OH Himalayan Salt Coarse 750g


Origin Health Himalayan Crystal Salt – Coarse (750g)

Crystal salt from the Himalayans is considered the king’s salt. It is also known as the “white gold” or “salt of life”. This is not surprising, since the word salt comes from sun (sol). Himalayan crystal salt contains eons of stored sunlight. Together with pure spring water it offers the complex mineral foundation for life to emerge, to be maintained and sustained.It had millions of years to mature under great tectonic pressure, far from exposure to impurities. Primal energy from millions of years ago is stored in crystal salt’s unique structure. All its inherent minerals and trace elements are available in ionic form. This guarantees that the body is able to absorb necessary potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements.Crystal salt from the Himalayan, together with pure water, is the purest, simple, yet most effective preventive health measure we can take. Plinius, a Roman writer (23-79 AD) already declared: Crystal salt is the most important remedy for mankind.


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