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Seleno Health Ceremonial Cacao Drops (250g)

SH Ceremonial Cacao Drops 250g


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Seleno Health Ceremonial Cacao Drops (250g)

What is ceremonial Cacao?

Our pure ceremonial cacao is a healing and heart opening elixir produced and blessed respecting mother nature and her frequency.  It is 100% pure organic, single-origin and grows under the natural canopy of the Amazon jungle, surrounded by other plants like banana or papaya trees. The cacao’s vibration is determined by the agroforestry techniques used and the surrounding plants and environment, this also impacts on the sensory profile, flavour and therapeutic properties. As a small family business we are working with our farm and community to bring a sustainable future to cacao and rescue all the ancient traditions surrounding it’s use. Intended for ceremonial use, whether in a group or just by yourself at home.


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