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Trade Aid Maftoul – Palestinian Couscous 400g

Ta Palestinian Couscous 400g


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Trade Aid Maftoul – Palestinian Couscous 400g

Our whole grain Palestinian couscous – known as ‘Maftoul’, in Arabic – has a savoury, nutty taste and a satisfying texture.  While finer semolina couscous can become sticky when cooked, Palestinian couscous retains a pleasing bite, either boiled or steamed. It is delicious in tagines, stews, salads and more. Sourced from the Women’s Cooperative for Couscous Production, located in Ein Al Sultan Refugee camp in Jericho, Palestine.

PARC (Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees Fair Trade Department) works with a wide range of farmer groups within Palestine, including producers of olive oil, dates, almonds and couscous for sale to international fair trade markets. A major focus is on enhancing their social and economic situations through developing production capacity and improving product quality.


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