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Springtime immune tonics

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Hi, We have been busy making up many immune & viral support  herbal tonics for people at the moment. There has been a definite flurry of late springtime sniffles & viruses that are fairly strong  & resistant by nature and are staying around for longer then anyone would like.

Keeping yourself well is often a top priority at any time of the year, but especially so as we head into a predicted warm dry summer that may be ahead of us in a few more months.  Herbs often can help support your own immunity & bring fairly instant relief for those that are suffering with being acutely unwell.

We have been putting together lots of immune support herbal tonics with of course the big fave echinacea, thuja is most wonderful herb to help with antiviral support, kawakawa is a beautiful herb at this time of year for helping assist some gentle cleansing & is antibacterial in action, manuka can also be used instead and the lovely licorice, always helpful for soothing, helping tired adrenal glands and providing a sweet note to the herbal tincture.  We always work on making up individual herbs for each person & what may suit them best. More on our main springtime allergy herbs to come!

warmly shars,

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